Search engines

More than 100 billion searches take place every month worldwide.

With those stats, you could say that search engines get a lot of traffic. Companies are making the most of this peak in activity, and realizing that search engines are the most valuable resource at their disposal. So why should your company jump on the SEO bandwagon?

1. Users Prefer Organic Results

At least 70 to 80 percent of internet users ignore endorsed results on Google. That means companies need to break out the Seo tools to get their websites in top spots without cutting corners.

2. Consumers Are Searching For Companies On The Go

Every day, up to 90 percent of consumers are conducting at least one search. More importantly, consumers are visiting Google and Yahoo on the go.

Mobile devices like smartphones allow internet users to do more research about local companies and the services they offer while they are out and about. And up to 65 percent of all users will take advantage of this opportunity.

3. Search Engines Boast the Most Success in Online Marketing

18 percent of consumers will begin researching a service or product on social media webpages. 24 percent start off on company or business sites. More than half, up to 58 percent of internet users, begin the process on a site like Google or Yahoo.

The point is just about everyone uses search engines. A lot. Bring your company to the people, and take advantage of SEO strategies to make sure you climb to the top of result pages.