Search engine rankings

When thinking about search engine ranking stats for your website, you should consider some of these very important facts. Many people today do not realize how important a search engine ranking can be to the success of their sites.

More than half, or 58 percent, of consumers research a product or service by using a search engine. This number is much higher than those who directly visit a company website, about 24 percent; or those who inquire via social media platforms, about 18 percent. Another interesting fact that affects why search engine ranking and Google rankings are important is that 92 percent of adults online in the U.S. do at least one search each day. This means that if those people doing searches do not see your website, they will never visit your site.

As you can see these numbers infer that search engine ranking is important, so search engine optimization is very important to getting higher page rankings. This includes making sure that your site contains compelling organic content. You may not think that content is important to a search engine ranking. However, you may change your mind when you consider the following statistic. About 70 to 80 percent of search users do not pay attention to sponsored or paid results. These people instead choose organic results.

Additional information about search engine ranking statistics indicates that by 2013 the use of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets will overtake desktop computer Internet usage. This means that you must have a site that is optimized for mobile usage. This too will increase your search engine ranking. It is also important to note that about 65 percent of mobile users use their tablet or smart phone to locate a business in their area in order to make a purchase. You will want to ensure that these mobile device users can effectively navigate your site.

Finally, using Seo tools that are provided by a reputable SEO company can increase search engine ranking. Make sure that you get all the help you can to increase visibility and search engine ranking, which will in turn result in increased sales.