Seo reporting

Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google as a private company in 1998. Prior to that, the two utilized LEGO bricks to create storage compartments for the 10 4 GB hard drives that initially tested the Google PageRank algorithm when the search engine, still in its infancy, was just a grad school research project. So much has changed for Google and other search engines since that time!

Currently, there are more than 100 billion online global searches done every month, and 92 percent of adult internet users in the USA do a minimum of one search every day. More importantly, 42 out of 100 search engine users click on the highest ranking organic search result, ignoring all others. In fact, of the total online users performing searches each month, 75 percent never click past the first page of Google search results! This means that if your web page does not show up on page one, your may as well not be online at all.

It should come as no surprise that Google search engine rankings and Seo reporting are the top means of gauging the effectiveness of the internet marketing strategy of a particular company. If your website has not been properly vetted by professional marketers who understand the importance of search engine optimization, you are not going to get much traffic to your site. This is why SEO reporting is such a fundamental element of online marketing.

Something else you should consider is that paid advertising is not really an effective strategy for increasing search engine rankings. Most users ignore paid ads. What actually does pay off in regards to increasing Google rankings is a well thought out SEO marketing plan and SEO reporting in which terrific content assumes a central role. 65 percent of people who own smartphones or tablets use their mobile devices to research local businesses before deciding to make a purchase. Because these people click on top ranking sites, SEO is key to luring them in as new customers.

The fact of the matter is that content based SEO is the gold standard of twenty first century internet marketing. Your search engine optimization has to be dynamite in order to increase those all important search engine rankings. An internet marketing firm can create the best and most appropriate content to increase rankings, which should have a positive effect on your online visibility. Strong content based SEO can maximize your Google rankings and enhance the online user experience of your customers.