New York is no exception. Eviction laws can be complex, so it is important to find an experienced and knowledgeable eviction defense attorney by your side. This video is a video of an Syracuse police officer confronting a landlord as well as the tenant over an illegal removal.

Evictions for illegal reasons have increased drastically during the outbreak. It could be because of the loss of employment and business closures. What is an illegal expulsion? Illegal eviction happens when the landlord is forced to evict an uninformed tenant in violation of a court ruling. Even small things such as changing out the locks may be considered unlawful eviction. If it is in New York State, this would be considered an offense.

The video shows the officers of the police trying to calm the tenant and landlord. The tenant is angry because the landlord had her locked out and she was forced to sell everything she owned. The land lord is upset as the tenant has a debt of an astounding $15,000 in cash. He also claims she didn’t keep the stove clean, which led to the landlord being penalized. The eviction process should be taken seriously.