To determine who is the beneficiary of bail companies, CNBC investigates the process on a national scale in their film.

Around 450,000 individuals throughout all of the United States await trial. The price for bail in the case of a felony case is $10,000. Bail bond firms provide assistance to those charged who can’t afford bail, by helping to lower costs for bail.

The defendant must agree to a deal with the family member of the defendant and pay a cost which is equal to 10 to 15 percent of the total bail costs. The fee of $15 will mean that the family is paying $1500 less than the $10,000 initial. The person who pays the fee will stand the best chance to avoid the long-term jail term by paying the fees and adhering to the conditions of their contract.

The profits of bail bonds goes to the bail bondsmen who are professionals as well as the insurance companies that back up the business. The reason for this is both being in the business of private companies.