A lot of people have heard the phrase “leaving the plane” from the hit song. We don’t know when we’ll be returning.” Do you wonder what amount of gasoline is needed to complete that job?

Commercial fuel services may differ from what people are used to as compared to how people fill their cars. This video gives you a insight into the various methods airlines can employ in fueling aircraft for long flights or shorter ones.

It goes on to explain the amount and cost of fuel that is required for specific travel routes, giving the viewers an idea of how much that aircraft they’re on burns and what the cost to the airline is. Though airlines vary on what they add to the tank, the majority have tanks filled. The video also provides information on the ways that an airplane could use less fuel that could help the company reduce the cost of commercial fuel. The content of the video gives the viewer basic insight into problems aviation scientists are probably working to improve at this moment. Join to get updates on the latest developments in aviation.