In this moment one is two to four weeks away starting the installation. Before the builders measure the dimensions needed for the kitchen sink, each space must already be onsite. Marble slabs are still alright to be used in the kitchen if it’s used as an island. The surface of the marble can stain, cloud or react in the presence of chemicals. The marble should not be located from sinks and stoves since spills are possible. Look into porcelain edge and finishes to match your marble kitchen island. Porcelain doesn’t require any sealing or additional maintenance once it is installed. Quartzite may be popular. It’s a natural stone used for building. It needs to be sealed and maintained over the years to prevent staining or etching. It’s very durable and comes with a variety of designs. You can choose which blocks they prefer. Granite is used in all areas of the home. Granite is less calcium-rich, so there’s less staining. Many darker colors are available and are more tolerant.