Learn more about the qualities that make the family doctor a good selection.
If you’re interested in practicing the field of family medicine, then you’ll likely like the idea of being in primary care treating patients of all ages And you, as Vin Diesel, don’t have friends, but you do have family. Let’s bust some fallacies about people’s perceptions and tell the truth. This is how medical practice in the home is done.
Generalists from generalists, family medicine sits at the center of primary care. Family physicians treat patients at all ages. This is in contrast to other specialties which focus only upon one organ or one condition.
Following graduation from medical school, a three-year residency in family medicine is required. It’s categorical, which means you’ll join one particular program and complete all 3 years of your undergrad time there, not including your summer internship.
Family medicine may be the ideal choice for you if the third year medical student that was a fan of all things non-surgical, and was not content with exploring organ systems, age, and so on.
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