Power outages are almost inevitable. Wherever you’re located, power outages will happen at some point or another. this could be due to an erupting storm, windstorm or any other technical issues. This video will explain the things you should not do when your power fails. Make sure to contact your business electrician.

In the first place, don’t touch the circuit breaker when your energy isn’t working. The possibility is that there is an electrical issue which can lead to you to be electrocuted. It’s okay to look at it to see if there is anything that goes wrong. If you want to, look outside to see if any power lines are damaged or phone your neighbour and ask to see if they are. Make sure not to touch any downed powerlines.

The second thing you must avoid is opening the fridge. This would let all the cold air out of the fridge and let the warmer air inside. This can cause your food to fall off much more quickly as compared to if it was left sealed. A closed fridge can maintain its temperature throughout the year for four houses while the freezer can be kept for days, if it is overflowing.