This involves the different kinds of activities they participate in, as well as their products that they utilize. It can even include the companies that make certain products. IGS Energy breaks down two terms used to describe energy usage in two categories: energy efficiency and conservation.

The initial term that they describe refers to energy savings. It simply means that one is cutting down on their energy consumption. It could mean taking your bike to work on one day and driving on the next, using fewer showers, and making certain that lighting is off when you are the lights are off.

The concept of energy efficiency may be the same but it isn’t based on the way of life. It is an improvement in energy consumption. You can, for instance, change your standard lighting bulbs that are incandescent for LED models. They perform the same purpose, however they use less energy in comparison to the other.

If you’re really looking to reduce your carbon footprint , then using the energy conservation benefits and energy efficiency may be the most beneficial. In this case, you may use an LED lightbulb for your lamp but also make sure that the lightbulb is powered when utilized. 8a1cnz51fs.