The video also discusses what you need to consider when you need to use one. While hose clamps can be easy to utilize in some situations but they should never use in situations where temperatures of the engine vary. Temperature fluctuations can lead to leakage because of the method in which the hose clamp is being used. Extreme temperatures call for specially designed hose clamps. The engine department in automobiles has specially designed clamps to withstand high heat. Older hose clamps are not constructed to handle high temperatures. The clamps for older hoses may be loosen and tightened but they won’t withstand high temperatures. Leakage can be caused by the hose clamp’s performance. You can use water pump pliers to install the clamp in a tightly-spaced location. The clamp is able to be put onto the hose, and will stand up to any temperature. It is important to ensure leak-free connections. The hose clamp will not be damaged by anything, even if it is heated through the range of cold to hot. It’s worth checking the clamps in case there are any leaks in your vehicle. bshin18vbs.