tled “Day in the Life of the delivery Man”. According to the driver of the delivery who drives them, they cover lots of ground and can be a long time to get to their final destination.

They cannot leave plants at the door during cold weather and should try to locate an individual who is willing to accept the plant and hand the plant to the neighbor. If they can’t leave the plant with somebody they know, that person has to return the plant to the establishment and include a note asking the shop to contact them to arrange the redelivery. It’s possible to do this even in areas with no internet or when nobody’s in the home.

The driver says it is something that is enjoyable in summer, and a lot more difficult to do in winter. Customers are happy to receive the flowers during the cold winter months. Delivery of flowers bring smiles to customers’ faces. The driver was reminded of a time on a busy Valentine’s Day when he had lots of deliveries that needed to be delivered amidst various transportation complications. The driver stressed the importance of regular maintenance on a van in order to allow flowers to be moved to and away from the shop. However, they were also delivered by another van and driver that day.

Flowers delivery drivers are satisfied to connect with customers. Also, they enjoy getting to offer customers with a pleasant experience that makes their day. To deliver flowers on time is a top goal.