han others. However, regardless of whether your vehicle is brand new or used it is important to keep jumper cables at hand in case for an need to call for help. It is never a good idea to know when you or someone you know will need their car jumpstarted. This video will demonstrate how to jumpstart your car properly.

It is the first thing to do is take the car that is working next to the dead car. It’s vitally important that you switch off both cars prior to proceeding. It is not advisable to risk getting electrocuted. The hoods of both cars. Next, take an end of the jumper red cable and connect the negative end to the positive side of the battery that’s stopped. Connect the opposite end of this cable to positive cable in the car that is working. The black jumper cable should be wired into the positive part of the battery. Connect the dead vehicle by using a clean piece metal. It’s not advised to join it to the battery’s negative part as it could result in an explosion. Also, turn on the automobile and allow it to run for several minutes to recharge the battery that is dead. After that, you’ll need to remove the cables in reverse order from where they were placed.