When we think of pizza, we think of Italy But the origins of pizza is far more intricate than the one we think of. Let’s examine how pizza became a thing.

Pizza in the way we know it today originates from Italy, Greece is the location of an earlier version. In early Greece there was flatbreads that were an extremely common food. The flatbread was a popular meal in Greece. It was believed that the Greeks could include different toppings on their flatbreads.

The flatbread was the most popular food choice over many years, and it even was introduced into Italy. Pizza was regarded as food for those who were poor in its beginnings. Raffaele Esposito was the pizza maker to popularize the dish.

Raffaele was tasked with creating the perfect pizza for Queen Elizabeth. The queen’s name was margarita, and this is the location where the margarita-inspired pizza came from. Pizza chef Stephen was inspired to design pizza with ingredients that matched the colors of the Italian flag. Basil, mozzarella and tomato were all present.

When Italians were beginning to move to in the United States, they brought pizza with them. In time, pizza became well-known, and we’ve come to where we are today. Next time you are eating pizza, take note of this beginning story.