The dirt and oil could cause harm to the roof.
Employ a pair of scissors reduce any edges that have fraying.
Adhesive tape that’s tenacious on the damaged area. Convertible tape specialists should make sure that the tape will not overhang the tear or hole. The tenacious tape patch’s corners are to be round. When applying the patch to the convertible top Experts should smooth out any bubbles and ensure that the edges are completely flat.
Experts in repair of convertible tops will then apply waterproof urethane adhesive to the second part in the repairs. The professional will then apply a light layer of paint to the damaged surface, making sure there is at minimum one inch across in all directions.
Adhesive tape is the ultimate stage. The tape should be at least 1 inch over the damaged region. After the repair is completed Owners should allow up to 24 hours for the top to heal.
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