In the beginning, you’re going undergo a postmortom test. Doctors will inspect you from the outside and observe any lumps, freckles, or spots. Then, they slice your body open in order to examine the body. Every organ is scrutinized and if there are any symptoms of damage, they are taken to the laboratory. Next, they are going to provide samples to test for toxic substances. After that, the body will be taken to the funeral home after the final post-mortem exam. Your body is placed in a freezer until it is available for viewing. You have been frozen for too long , and you need to be treated with formaldehyde. The fluid you are pumped through must be drained. So that you can keep your scent fresh, cotton has been employed to wrap your body. The clothes are thoroughly cleaned. You are manicured and dressed to impress in your finest attire. Your body is laid in a coffin before it is placed inside the viewing room. The casket will be rolled into the crematorium. The operator is able to start the cremator with the start of the gas. They’re monitoring the screen for the system. It must reach as high as 700 degrees. Find out more. u1sf2owyic.