The most important advice for packing for moving is to ensure your artwork is safe from theft, vandalism, or damage in a move.

10. Make sure your artwork is kept away from Heat

The elements pose a threat to the art collection you have and may ruin your precious artworks. Oil paintings exposed to direct sunlight, or at temperatures above 75° Fahrenheit for long enough can lead to fractures and blisters that require repair. The best tip for packing artwork is to avoid exposing them to too much heat. If you’re not sure of the factors can cause damage, or whether your artwork will be safe during the move, call the local restoration services for assistance. This information can be taken into consideration and learn how to protect your work.

11. The lifting of heavy items is made easier by hiring Movers

It is possible that you’re a collector of sculpture and possess a lot of heavy artwork or statues that must be moved. Don’t attempt lifting these heavy items on your own. Instead, employ a professional mover. A moving company might not be able to properly pack the entire weight of your items prior to your arrival. That’s why it is crucial that you choose a professional after packing all your belongings in a proper manner.

12. Hardwood Protection Film

If your home has hardwood floors, they can be gorgeous during the time you stay there, but it can be a headache during your move! The floor coverings made of wood are the best investment you can make to safeguard flooring from scratches and prevent any harm to laminate or vinyl flooring. Once everything is out of your space and are ready to move on, it’s a great option to employ a house cleaning company to thoroughly clean away any debris to make your floors appear fresh!

13. Make an investment in Pool Noodles to Protect your Walls

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