It is located in the middle one of the major islands. The woman was probably on drugs at the time to have made such an inexplicable decision. The police were immediately called in to aid. In this footage it will show how they handled the incident and detained the lady. The woman may require bail to get out of this mess.

The officer in the video was trying to stay in contact with the woman during the entire process. He repeatedly demanded the woman drop the knife. The woman refused. One can only speculate as to why the woman refused to take down the knife. However, the fact that she spoke in a non-sensical manner could suggest that she was likely taking drugs. On the other hand, the woman presented a major threat to officers and people who were walking by at this Walmart. Thankfully, one of the officers had a taser , and used it on the woman. Within seconds, the lady was down on the ground. Police were able quickly arrest the lady with no further brutality.