Have you ever enjoyed you a Nascar race? The race cars release a massive sound when they begin and then the sound of a huge whoosh while they whiz by the spectators. Fans may even get to see a car accident. If no one is hurt, these crashes will be fun. But should you be injured in a crash, make sure to get an experienced car accident attorney. In the video below, you’ll have a look at the major Nascar crash in Atlanta.

While the Nascars turned around one corner in lap 146 Tyler Reddick lost grip on his rear tire to the right. This caused his car to dip down towards the surface. His car collided into another car which caused the chain of events that led to many cars ended up spinning out. Only a handful of cars that managed to get through the accident zone without incident. Kevin Harvick was one such driver. John Smoltz was impressed by the incident, since it was the first time he had watched an event from the stands. He also reveals that He had the opportunity to race the pacecar in the warm-up period.