Nowadays, there’s a fine art to writing SEO blogs. Years ago, you could just jams them full of keywords and that’d do the trick. However, search engines have improved their algorithms and are able to weed out low-quality, irrelevant pages to deliver better, more accurate results to end users.

This isn’t a bad thing. Although some of the technical aspects of writing SEO blogs have changed, the big picture remains the same: create high-quality websites and blogs to deliver Internet users the best possible online experience. The key now is to devote more time to the creation of SEO blogs so that they can effective increase a site’s search engine rankings.

To help you craft better SEO blogs, here’s a few short tips!

1. It Has to Be a Good Article.

You may not have realized it, but there’s a value exchange going on between you and the reader. Every time someone reads your SEO blogs, they’re giving you their preciously scarce time. It wouldn’t be fair not to give them something of equal or greater value. That being said, your article should have some kind of information that’s helpful to them. Like for example, an article offering some tips on how to write SEO blogs.

2. Keywords Should Appear Organically.

Naturally, you’ve got to include keywords in your SEO blogs, or else they wouldn’t be search engine optimized. However, you can’t jam them in there like a child packing a suitcase. Instead, you’ve got to use your rhetorical powers to make them sound as natural and organic to the article as possible.

It should also be noted that you don’t want to over-do it with the keywords. In the past, the higher concentration of keywords in SEO blogs, the better. Nowadays, it’s best to really aim for a little less than three percent.

Keeping these tips in mind, you’ll do fine writing SEO blogs. Rather than having the mind set that you’re doing this to boost a site’s search engine rankings, instead think about giving someone information that they can use–something helpful. If you do, then the words will just flow right out. If you have any questions about writing SEO blogs, feel free to ask in the comments.