It’s not a problem until it stops working. Three important things to keep in mind while buying a water heater are:

The storage capacity is first. Be sure that you match the water heater unit’s capacity with the bathroom and bedrooms in your home. A tankless water heater can be another option that could help you save money and energy.

It is also a heater function. There are two options available for heater function. One is a whole-house system and one is a point-of use system. In a system that is whole-house, the water is heated at one location and distributed through the entire house. Point-of-use systems provide a particular location.

It is equally essential. There are 4 options: gas, electric liquid propane , and hybrid electric. It is the cheapest option, however it requires venting out. It is also easy to maintain, electric is popular because it’s fast to warm water. Hybrid electric heats more water than electricity, but it’s much less costly.

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