The stretch limousine was constructed. It’s well-known for the large bands it can carry and its usage during events such as weddings, proms and other special occasions.

Stretch Limousines

Did do you know that it is possible to turn your luxury sedan into an limo stretch for approximately 475 hours?

An ordinary-sized car would be cut in the half. Remove all the interior elements and components, like the drive shaft gasoline tank, the drive shaft.

The car’s interior should be taken away, as well as the floor of the car is cut using the reciprocating saw.

It is necessary to remove the part that is in the rear from the front of the car once you cut it in half.

Incorporate the steel frame rails in the front of the vehicle. The rails should be put into the back half of the vehicle. It should be placed exactly where the limousine will be set up.

The drive shaft tunnel is home to the drive shaft made of steel as well as exhaust pipes. Next, you will connect the new rails onto the roof and attaching other elements like the outer body panel and other interiors. Once done, the limo can now be used. yqo6sq3tqm.