There are two components: condenser, compressor, along with an expansion valve and an evaporator. The condenser and the Evaporator both function as heat exchangers. The condenser is inside the unit and cools, while the compressor moves air around. The refrigerant helps the system properly cool air. Refrigeration is a specific material that changes between liquids and gases very rapid. That is because it has very low boiling points. It can be boiled at temperatures of -55 degrees Fahrenheit. Condenser and evaporator is both inside the expansion valve. The valve’s inside is heated by the refrigerant, which boils and absorbs the heat. The refrigerant evaporates and it disperses the heat. It’s similar to boiling water. When the water is boiled the water turns to liquid, and then the vapor is transported off. The compressor is damaged by liquids. There is rarely droplets after the water turns to vapor. For more information on cooling units, continue going through the entire video. ij5kk7yj9h.