Then you’ll be amazed how much you can make on roofs by yourself. It is a great option to save money if you are handy in the use of tools and do not fear of heights. But, it is important to carefully consider the downsides. In the first instance, you may slip and injure your self. In addition, professional roofers tend to do a better job of installing the new roof. They’re trained experts in the end. If you’re still planning to do your own roofing to save cash You’re in luck because we’ve got you covered. The video below will teach you how to install shingles on your roofing step-by-step. The time is now to cut costs.

There is a chance that, when installing your roofing shingles do not fit perfectly. But don’t worry, you didn’t make any mistakes. There are so many sizes and shapes of roofs , it’s difficult to choose the correct roof shingle that is suitable for each type. All you will need to measure is the distance from the last roofing shingle until the edge of the roof. Add six inches to the gap, and this will give you an idea of how large the edge shingle you choose to install should be. Just cut it to the proper size and put it in place.