Choose a thick, large chuck of wood or tree stump that is smooth. This will become your cutting block. Put another piece of wood above it. Place your feet approximately two feet from each other. Set your feet approximately shoulder width to each other. Maintain a good balance. Avoid rushing.

Learn to swing your hand before cutting. Place the maul in your dominant hand. Be steady. Then, swing your arms in a forward direction and backwhile putting your hands down onto the handle as you descend. It is not necessary for you to bend or exert all your strength. Gravity will provide most of the force needed for splitting the wood. All you have to do is put the maul’s blade in the right position.

The center of the chunk ought to be your primary goal. The chunk of wood from flying toward your. The maul you use will probably never go through the block. The maul must be lifted and the chunk taken down. It will eventually split. Just like everything else they will split eventually. ynyei9vhjf.