leviate any issues you’re having problems with your gums and teeth. This video offers visual demonstrations to a variety of procedures.

The initial procedure demonstrates the process of adding veneers on your teeth. A tool is used to cut off the top layer, and then a cleaning agent is then added to cleanse the tooth from any debris. A glue is utilized to fix a prosthetic facial on your teeth.

The next step is to remove wisdom teeth. Mouth pain and swollenness are a result of wisdom teeth that are too massive. The gum’s surface is opened, exposing the impacted tooth underneath. Dental professionals use a device to cut the tooth into half, and removes the pieces in smaller ones.

The clips below will demonstrate the ways that orthodontic treatment options like retainers or braces correct misalignment and crowding.

This video walks you through how to wash your gums to prevent gingivitis. Plaque is removed, and then the tooth gets cleaned clean using a special cleansing fluid. The dentist then removes the tooth’s tissue from its roof and puts it onto the gum.

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