There are plenty of differences between public and private schools. Private schools may also be able to be classified into those that are religiously affiliated or not religiously affiliated. In the past few decades, enrollment in Catholic schools across the US decreased by 50 percent. The Pope visits an Catholic school in NYC in order to encourage the Catholic school in general. Families struggling financially may decide to send their kids in private because it’s possible to have their school in the same area. In the United States several catholic schools have been shut down. The schools educate more than 5 million students. Just 2 million Catholic school students go to Catholic schools. Since it’s hard to get funds, the expense operating Catholic schools has risen dramatically. When Nuns taught in the catholic schools, it was way cheaper to pay the teachers. In the present, Nuns are less likely to get a teaching job in comparison to teachers who have their education. For more details, go to this link. gx4f5tkscs.