It prolongs the life expectancy of trees. Bonsai trees can live 25% longer than other species of trees. Tree care can help you look nicer and keep your trees healthy.

You may wonder “Can I cut trees down in summer?” Usually, it’s best to get trees pruned in the fall or winter months since the trees are dormant. Pruning trees in the autumn or winter is easier because it isn’t necessary to handle so many leaves. Companies that trim trees will do so during summer, but they’re ideal for emergencies for breaking branches, but not falling down.

Tree trimming costs and the cost to remove the debris after it has been cut can vary depending on the height of the tree. Angie’s List has estimated that the median price to trim trees that are less than 60 feet high is $460. Costs for pruning trees above 60 feet could go to $1,500. Avoid cheap tree trimming offers that don’t include the task of taking away branches. These services will come with costs that are not included in the price. ctxw319jsx.