ybe it’s time to get moving.

If your therapist does not remember details from your sessions, then you should consider seeking other assistance. In order to have a comfortable conversation with the therapists you must trust the person you are talking to. If they aren’t able to recall the things you’ve said in the past week, they’ll be unable to build trust with them.

If they’re not able to establish boundaries with you, it could be a sign that you aren’t having the correct therapist. They could lead to unwholesome dependency which will not serve you long-term if you are unable to communicate with the therapist.

The fact that you are talking about different things in the sessions could indicate that the therapist has not performed their task. The treatment program should enable the client to take on difficult topics in order to overcome the issues. There are goals to be set.

If the therapist you choose to work with talks regularly about their clients, it’s a final sign. Your time is their time. Just click the picture above for more information.