Lunches at school. The video below will provide answers to numerous questions concerning what your kids are eating at school.

The lunch program at schools has been in place since WWII. In 1946, it was decided that every child in the United States should have access to a healthy meal every day and the school lunch program was born. Lunch at schools is accessible to virtually all American schools, including private ones. The differences between public school meals and private school lunches is often comparably. The majority of private schools will spend the most money on menus that are more appealing andin certain cases healthier.

This video will help an overview of the background behind school lunches , as well as what national requirements for meals that schools offer. You can also find a link that will take you to a web page that advocates for healthier lunch options for schools. The video below will give you more information on the food options the children get. It might surprise you to find out that lots of thought is involved in the meals that your kids are eating.