The easiest way to make a water dispenser appear more professional by placing it the top of a tree. The use of unique glassware, for example champagne flutes, mason jars are a great way to add an element of visual appeal. By adding a small amount of fruit may help make your water appear more appealing and refreshing.

Then, place your water dispensers in a place on the table. Then place a tablecloth on top that complements your other decorations. In order to make your table inviting, use floral arrangements and other elements of decoration. It is also possible to make a signage to let guests know that you’re welcome to have drinks there.

A drink station can provide practical benefits but is also an enjoyable indoor wedding decoration idea. There is an option to also put scrapbooks at the beverage station, since people will visit the station throughout your wedding reception. Encourage guests to leave messages within the scrapbook which you will later read!

4. You could use vintage rugs

You can still make your reception look special even if it’s simple. There is a way to inject a bit of color using vintage carpets. It’s not uncommon to see brides using rugs during wedding ceremonies.

Rugs are a terrific option if you plan a bohemian wedding. Rugs from the past are available in a range of colors, and variety of designs. To make your own unique style it is possible to mix and match various rugs.

Rugs can be used to add a touch of elegance to your wedding reception. They can also be used to use them as part of the decoration for the ceremony. The right rugs could transform your ceremony space. Rugs make a wonderful alternative if you want to make an indoor setting important.

Bring the rugs you have already loved to the venue of your wedding. Alternately, search for suitable rugs in the local thrift shop. You’ll be able to find some interesting options within your budget if you’re fortunate. Also, you can ask relatives and friends to loan rug to you so that you can have